Our web studio offers you good services at a good price. You can find here the best quality/price ratio.

The average prices and wages in our region are lower than the European ones, so we can offer you the work of the best specialists at very favourable prices.


Each website we make is a unique project. Thus, the cost of our work is determined by its peculiarities – design, functions, amount of information etc.
Here is an approximate price-list:

Website Price Time
Creating a website for a company.
A simple but full-function website with a unique design and a turnkey control system. It can be further modified to a business website.
 1200 780 $ From 10 days
Creating a landing page.
One-page website with a high conversion rate.
 2000 1150 $ From 10 days
Business website development.
A corporate website, which can perform any functions (it may contain a gallery, forum, catalogue of goods or real estate). This function set depends entirely on the peculiarities and needs of your business.
 3000 1650 $ ~ 1 month
Creating an online store.
An online store which has the usual components of a store: registration, shopping cart, any categories and subcategories of goods, e-money payment etc.
 3500 2250 $~ 1-2 months

We determine an exact price of a website at the first stage of work. This price cannot increase later on.

Once you get a turnkey website, you do not have to try to handle with such terms as hosting, domain, web indexing, html etc. We do our job professionally for you. All websites made by us have a content management system, so you are able to edit, change, refresh and add the information to your website as you wish.

The most important thing is that our websites pay off. They go through search engine optimization, which allows them to appear at the first page of a search service (Yandex, Google) just after the website has been launched! That means you can receive your profit very quickly!

If you choose us to develop your project, we guarantee its successful implementation. The high quality of our work is confirmed by complimentary reviews of our clients.
You can find the reviews here – reviews


A professional support is an advantage for your website for it is useful for your visitors and search engines. It increases the safety and efficiency of the website.

We offer several attractive and convenient support tariffs and discounts up to 40%, which are available if you pay 1 year or 6 months in advance.

Tariff Price
Basic support
For most of the corporate websites.
35 $ per month
(or 350 $ per annum)
Advanced support
For corporate websites, which are regularly updated.
It includes: Editing or updating (with seo) up to 40 pages per month.Editing and updating the information 7 days a week.
Making updates within a few working hours.
Answering any questions about the website 7 days a week.
70 $ per month
(or 650 $ per annum)
VIP support
Individual terms and conditions for those companies, which are not satisfied with the tariffs mentioned above.
from 100 $ per month

Note that the website support is a package of services, which include 24 hour monitoring and control of the website performance, information security service, anti-virus and anti-hacking protection, making backups of the website information and databases, CMS update, interaction with the hosting companies and domain registrars etc. These services are available for all tariffs.


We offer you a package of promotion services, which often include a concurrent working in different directions. Such strategy is the most effective one.

The price of promotion is always individual and depends on some factors:

  • Method of promotion (contextual marketing by search engines, targeted marketing, promotion and marketing in social networks, common marketing, e-mail and SMS marketing etc.)
  • Promotion area (only Saratov, Saratov region or Russian Federation etc.)
  • Amount and success of your competitors
  • Expected result (Top 3, Top 5, Top 10 etc.)
  • Content of your website (its quality) and its theme (keywords)

To determine the approximate promotion price we have to conduct a serious analysis of the market, your competitors, the content of your website etc.

About 90% of the promotion budget is spent for its intended purpose: contextual marketing payment (placing at the top of searches made in Yandex, Google), payment for placing banners and links on the target websites, mailing payment etc.

Therefore, the minimum monthly marketing budget amounts to 350$

Note that unlike most of our competitors we create websites, which are optimized and adapted for promotion by default. This can significantly reduce the expense of promotion and this is a reason why we can refuse to promote a website made by other company.


Other services are evaluated individually; they depend on the task, technologies and the project implementation period. The cost of project development is a confidential information, so it is kept undisclosed from third persons.

Quality/price ratio

You should remember about a quality/price ratio when you choose a web studio.

We create high quality websites because:

  • Our team consists of professional programmers, designers, and seo experts etc., who have graduated the best higher education institutions with honors. These people are experienced in working on the largest and most complicated tasks.
  • We are not interested in conveyor production of websites, we treat every project individually and pay attention to the aims and objectives of our clients.
  • We always follow the news of the hi-tech world, control the changes in search engine ranking algorithms. We put the greater emphasis on the search engine optimization and adaptation for the search engines; it makes websites reach success in a short time and at minimum cost.

Our websites are inexpensive because:

  • Our staff is small, there is no excess, so your website will be created only by people who know their business. We prefer professionals to managers.
  • We are constantly trying to reduce costs and improve our efficiency.
  • Our team is young but experienced and we plan to keep on sweep market by high quality of our products and fair prices.
  • We do not make excessive profits. We treat our clients as partners, helping them to discover a world full of new possibilities for their business - the world of the Internet.
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