Our mission is to open a new world to you – a world of great opportunities for you and your business – the Internet.


  • We perform only those services, which belong to our area of competence, knowledge and experience.
  • We develop and improve our services to satisfy our clients’ current and future needs.
  • We do our job well and thoroughly, paying as much attention to every project as we can. We will not take a project, which does not seem to have a sufficient potential, we also will not take it in case of a huge workload, because we will be unable to pay enough attention to it.
    We are not interested in a huge amount of projects; high quality is our top priority.


WEB STUDIO Website-ok.ru

Our team stands in the market since 2009. During this time, we have grown from a small web studio to a mature IT company, which can compete with the major players in the Russian market of Internet technologies.

We have got to the Top100 federal rating of web studios and digital agencies for several years in a row. Our studio has representatives in several Russian cities; we work with large Russian and foreign companies (e.g. former Soviet Republics and Europe). We keep on growing today.

We have something, which the older players lack – the originality of ideas, creativity and fresh perspective on the Internet of today.While our major competitors use technologies and techniques of the past decade, we deal with up-to-date ones and explore the future technologies.

The main field of our activity is development, maintenance and promotion of the IT projects, from small to large ones.

Since 2013, as our clients have asked us, we also create mobile apps (for Android and IOS) and special PC software.

The main secret of our success is: web studio is primarily represented by those who work for it.

Our team consists of professional programmers, seo experts, web technologists, advertisers, designers, copywriters, online marketers etc. (join us).

All our specialists graduated the best higher education institutions with honors; they worked in large IT companies. These people like to encounter with technically complex and creative tasks and they are able to solve them.

Our motto is “Simple. Conceptual. Excellent”.

If you entrust us your project, we guarantee its successful implementation.

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